Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prayer and Emotional Healing

When you look at our society, our families and individual people, there is not a sense of happiness and/or emotional wholeness - both of which flow through a sense of being loved. There is, instead, a sense of dissatisfaction and self-loathing. We are hungry for something more, but have trouble putting our finger on what that "something" is and whether or not it is even attainable. We are so used to people pleasing and "doing" in order to receive approval from others and ourselves. 

However, we were created for love: knowing we are loved and the capacity to love another person. In order to love, we need to first, receive love. When we pray, sit with the Lord, we receive something from Him - His Presence affirms our being. We can just "be"- He allows this; our souls need this - to be given permission to just be and not do. He calls us to come as we are and He accepts us as we are. We don't need to prove our worth to Him; He makes us worthy and we are His.

When we know we are accepted, wanted and loved by God, we can, in turn, offer this love to others. God can love others through us when we first receive the love He has for us. This love is received through prayer. Prayer can bring us the peace we are so craving and need in order to receive the love of God. God is love and love heals. So prayer, in which we receive the love of God into our souls, heals. Understanding this can motivate us to spend that precious time with Our Lord and begin the journey of emotional healing 

Our emotional healing depends on the capacity to receive and offer love. If God is love than why not go to the source? God teaches us to love purely (without selfish motives) and authentically.

Again, we were created for love and we will not be truly satisfied until this is realized and fulfilled in us. So let's enter into time with God (prayer) each day and allow Him to shower us with His perfect love which casts out all fear. He will then use us to love those around us and help others experience emotional healing. 

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